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SolidAlliance's Crazy Earphones v2: because ear fungus sells

SolidAlliance's Crazy Earphones v2: because ear fungus sells
Thomas Ricker
Thomas Ricker|@trixxy|February 26, 2010 5:29 AM
Japan's SolidAlliance earned a warm place in our collective nerd bosom long ago for the sheer lunacy of the products it creates. Today it's offering round two of its Crazy Earphone collection that includes some kind of mushroom (that is a mushroom, right?), the ol' Katana blade or arrow through the head trick, and a parasitical, conjoined ear if you want everyone to think you've been subjected to a tragic cloning experiment. Spec-wise your ¥2,000 (about $22) will take home a pair of in-ear buds with 20 ~ 20,000Hz frequency range assisted by a 10-mm driver. Not that it matters: there's no chance in hell that you're buying these for performance reasons.%Gallery-86590%
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