Survey says: Android users mostly male, webOS not just for women, iPod touch for kids

Jump down off that scud missile and holster your brew Droid owners, the stats are in for smartphone gender preferences. The numbers reported above are based on a AdMob survey of 963 total respondents consisting of 318 Android, 244 iPhone, 356 iPod touch and 45 webOS users in english speaking countries. According to the data collected between 5 February to the 16 February, men make up a whopping 73% of all Android device users. Even webOS, that smartphone OS from Palm that's supposedly aimed at the ladies carries a 58% male to 42% female preference, almost exactly the same as the iPhone. While it would be easy to suggest that Verizon's overtly machismo advertising campaign for Droid (one of the most popular Android handsets) helped skew the demographics, it doesn't explain why its Palm ads targeting women failed to skew the webOS numbers. Perhaps it's an unspoken man on robot love that we all recognize as truth but choose not to discuss openly for fear of reprisal? Or maybe it's a lack of recognition for what Asian marketing geniuses figured out long ago: a device has to be pink and glittery with just a touch of lace to woo the more fickle tastes of the female demographic. Uh, yeah.

Also of interest is the Age by Platform data that shows 78% of iPod touch users are below the age of 25 compared to 25% of iPhone users and 24% of webOS and Android users. In fact, 65% of the platform are just 17 years of age or younger. That would explain the demand for all the biscuit floating apps. See the chart after the break.