Tesla launches Roadster lease program for wannabe eco-ballers

Ain't got a hundred large to dump on a new Tesla Roadster? Fret not, as the outfit famous for producing the world's first commercially viable electric supercar now has another option for you to ponder: leasing. For those unfamiliar, it's somewhere in between buying one outright and swiping one while the salesperson's not looking, and it'll require just over $12,000 up front along with 36 payments of $1,658 in order to temporarily own the car of your dreams. Of course, that's just a model scenario based on a Roadster with an $111,005 MSRP, though the somewhat snazzier Roadster Sport is also included in the deal. Come to think of it -- if you get in on a lease now, there's a good chance that the Volt you pre-ordered will finally be in stock by the time you bid your Tesla a fond farewell. Right, Ed?