Kalkhoff's pedal-assist electric bicycles now available in North America -- cruisers unite!

Europeans have been cruising around on Kalkhoff e-bikes for millenniums now, but ye old Americans have been forced to either walk, pedal similar two-wheeled machines with our own energy, or fire up the HEMI-based Charger while throwing a finger up at Ma Earth. Thankfully, Portland's own Greenlight Bikes is doing what no one else would: importing these beauts for enjoyment here on US soil. What's most interesting is that the company's range of pedal-assist electric bicycles (or pedelecs, for those "in the know") don't look much different than the Schwinn Windwood Cruiser that your dad still uses to fetch the mail with, but believe it or not, an electric motor is included in order to "supplement the power a rider applies to the pedals, providing a smooth, predictable boost." Too bad that extra oomph won't be yours without spending between $2,499 and $3,399.