AAXA L1 laser pico projector hands-on by Mr. Murkycam (video)

Oh, you haven't been introduced to Mr. Murkycam? He's the darker, more mysterious cousin of Mr. Blurrycam; his services occasionally called upon to show off products like the new AAXA L1 laser pico projector. The device just started shipping and, according to the video, this is the first one captured in the wild. AAXA promises perfect focus on any surface, even curved ones, and while it's a bit difficult to tell from the video we've embedded below it certainly looks to do a decent job. The L1 also features built-in media player functionality and even includes a 2GB thumb drive for you to load up with whatever you like before slotting it in the side. Photo and PowerPoint performance seems a bit mediocre, and sadly the video doesn't show the thing playing any footage, but it does look like it works as advertised -- as it should for that $599 MSRP.