Windows Phone 7 Series themes for WinMo abound in dev forums

We know that it ain't always practical or desirable to put money down on a phone every time a new OS or interface comes out -- so what is a gadget hound to do when they realize their hardware won't be supported by Windows Phone 7 Series? Well, if you're anything like these enterprising individuals you roll your own. Both Jaxbot and LeSScro, members of the XDA Developers forum, have skins in the works that mimic the new OS on WinMo devices with varying degrees of success. The work of the former is still pretty slow and buggy but it does offer some functionality -- including info on live tiles and the ability to see upcoming appointments on your lock screen. The latter theme, on the other hand, sports time, date, and notifications on the lock screen, profile settings, transitional animations, a handful of hubs (including games, media, and Office), and an apps launcher. Check out the source links for more info -- but not before checking out the demo videos after the break.

[Thanks, Geever]