ASUS debuts Bang & Olufsen ICEpowered N-series laptops and 3D gamer displays

It's CeBIT time again kids; a chance for the world's vendors to show off much of what was already unveiled at CES in Las Vegas to Europeans for the first time publicly (what, the internet's not good enough?). Just announced in Germany is a trio of N-series laptops -- N43, N63 and N73 pictured above -- with USB 3.0, Intel Core processors, and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio that seems to contradict itself by offering affordable, yet "unflinching" audio quality. ASUS also unveiled its VG236H and PG276H Full HD 3D displays to augment its 3D laptops. No details were provided but we'll guess that we're looking at roughly 24-inch and 27-inch displays based on those model numbers. No pics of the displays but we've got a backside shot of the N63 after the break.