ASUS EeeKeyboard PC hands-on (slight return)

Has it really been almost a year (to the day!) since we last gave some first-hand thoughts on ASUS' audacious Eee Keyboard PC? Given the recent news of an apparent April release date, we thought we'd give the perennially-delayed machine another walkthrough, albeit via the touchpad only since it wasn't connected to an external display. The software is definitely still in need of some work -- we managed to crash the sucker within minutes, but the startup to Windows XP (the full version) was quick and admittedly pretty interesting to witness -- maybe at some point we could get a miniature game of Peggle going. When working, the menu was pretty smooth. None of the shortcuts were working, unfortunately , as the internet was down in the booth. As a keyboard, it feel pretty strong, resilient, and most of all clicky. Live through us vicariously, via still shots and moving pictures below. %Gallery-86976%