Intel's new convertible Classmate PC hands-on

Score one for the kids! We just got to toy around with the new convertible Classmate PC and, boy, does it feel solid. Though it feels quite heavy in hand, it definitely feels like it can take a beating in a backpack and, as you can see in the video below, survive a decent fall. We're less impressed, however, with the resistive touchscreen performance. Though we're keeping in mind that these were pre-production units, the resistive touchscreen was quite unresponsive to the pen input when we tried to draw on the screen. Can't you hear the youngins, Intel? They want multitouch! We still appreciate that rotating webcam and the improvements made to the expanded the keyboard and touchpad. You'll have to hang tight on getting one of these for little Jimmy -- Intel tells us these will be brought to you by OEMs sometime in April.