Nokia Ovi Music store slowly shedding its DRM shackles globally

While not widely touted, Nokia's Ovi Music store is on track to make Nokia's music catalog DRM-free globally. This was first mentioned in December at Nokia's Capital Market Days event. Keep in mind that we're talking about Nokia's a la carte music download service, not its all you can eat Comes with Music offering that lets you keep all the tracks you can download in the first year but locks them to a single Nokia handset and PC for life. Russia's Ovi Music store was the first to go DRM-free back in November while adding single sign-on with other Ovi services during the revamp process. Now we're hearing that India has quietly joined suit with its Nokia Music store becoming the DRM-free Ovi Music incarnation. Nokia is apparently focusing on growth markets first on its way to more western markets but it's a good sign that its fair use debilitating DRM is on the way out -- a good thing for consumers and a change, like free Ovi Maps, that makes Nokia handsets just a bit more attractive.