Pierre Cardin tablets won't keep your pants up

Joanna Stern
J. Stern|03.04.10

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Pierre Cardin tablets won't keep your pants up
Well isn't this the most unlikely partnership of the year. Apparently world famous designer and maker of watches/belts Pierre Cardin thought the tablet selection in the world was lacking, and teamed up with a small Taiwanese OEM to bring some touchscreen devices to market. We checked out the line today, and though both the 7-inch PC729 and 8.9-inch PC819 tablets are rather thick the build quality is actually solid. The tablets pack resistive multitouch displays and include a stylus for navigating around Windows 7. Internally they're packing VIA's older C7-M processors which doesn't mean good things on the battery life front -- we can't imagine these things running for longer than two hours. All we know is that we're loving the attachable leather murse that opens up to reveal a rubbery physical keyboard. Whether you'd shell out $450 ($300 without Windows 7) for one of these really just depends on how much you love Pierre Cardin -- the man, not the tablet maker.

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