Verizon suffering 'nationwide' data outage (update: fixed)

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|03.03.10

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Verizon suffering 'nationwide' data outage (update: fixed)
Verizon suffering 'nationwide' data outageHaving a little trouble checking in on your tweeps this morning on your Droid? Is your new Pre Plus not syncing with Facebook, or your Storm2 acting a little too calm? The problem seems to lie with Verizon, which is suffering from a "nationwide" data outage at the moment. The reason we keep putting that in quotes is because we in NY are not affected (our Droid is connecting just fine) but Verizon representatives have confirmed the issue, while people in various places all over the US are unable to connect according to the forums we've been perusing this morning. Verizon indicated it does not have an ETA for when things will be fixed and, sadly, it doesn't have any status message on its site, but we'd advise not calling and bothering the support folks about this -- based on how long we were on hold we're guessing they have their hands full at the moment.

Update: We're hearing that things are popping back online for most folks, so enjoy a little 3G with your morning cuppa.

Update 2: According to this official tweet the problem has been resolved: "VZW resolves early AM data issue that involved parts, not all, of eastern US: mix of some out, slower service, many unaffected from 4-8 AM." So, if you're still out, the time has come to hit up those customer service agents.

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