Opera Mini 5 beta shuns Java for Windows Mobile version

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.04.10

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Opera Mini 5 beta shuns Java for Windows Mobile version
Got WinMo? Don't have a Java VM? No problem! Opera has taken the time to rewrite its Opera Mini 5 beta as a native Windows Mobile application compatible with both 5 and 6.x-based handsets, meaning you won't need the Java compatibility that's traditionally required to run it -- compatibility that ironically makes it one of the more widely-deployed mobile browsers in the world. Though the thicker, fuller-featured Opera Mobile product is already a stalwart on WinMo that HTC bundles with the better portion of its devices, the presumed advantage with Mini is that it's tighter, faster, and consumes considerably less data -- perfect when roaming or on a low-allowance plan. Heck, why not have both? The Mini beta download is available now.
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