Project Pink QWERTY slider 'Pure' found in the wild, headed for Verizon?

There's a lot of rumbling in Project Pink land today, as Microsoft is seemingly nearing that magical time where its much-leaked Sidekick followup can finally see the light of day. First off, we're hearing from a tipster that the phones (we've seen 'Turtle' and 'Pure' so far) will be exclusive to Verizon, at least at the outset -- makes sense, given the CDMA radios we saw at the FCC. He calls the UI "hectic and colorful," and also says that there's still some serious cloud backup reliance, along with some desktop software to sync up with the cloud as well, and data plans that including a certain quantity of app downloads a month.

This is all fine and exciting, but it's helped along by a couple of image leaks. Conflipper, well known among the xda-dev crowd, is teasing the Twitter world with some screenshots of the emergency dialer (which also mention Verizon Wireless), and a Facebook upload from the device, which can be found in the gallery below. The dialer is about as barebones as it gets right now, but there's a bit of a hint of Windows Phone 7 Series in there to be sure. Finally, Gizmodo hit upon the hardware jackpot with a Mr. Blurrycam capture of the bigscreen 'Pure' QWERTY slider (pictured up above). If you really squint your eyes you can make out some of that "hectic and colorful" UI we're hearing about. %Gallery-87393%