Windows Phone 7 Series mockup changes slightly, Zune menu making a comeback? (update: nope!)

So Microsoft's Charlie Kindel posted up a long blog post about Windows Phone 7 Series and app development just now, and we couldn't help but notice the WP7S device mockup he used is noticeably different from the stock press shots we've been seeing and the actual devices we've gotten to play with. That's a totally different hardware trim, for starters, and there's a Zune-like menu on the right-- on the builds we've seen scrolling to the right reveals the app list. And that map on the bottom has been moved up a couple rows from where we've seen it on demo builds -- which is unfortunate because it's so wildly ugly in comparison to the rest of the 7 Series interface. Now, this could actually be an older mockup, not a newer one, so we're not reading too much into this, but it's clear that Microsoft is still making a ton of tweaks to the WP7S interface as time goes on -- hopefully we'll see some final results at MIX.

Update: Charlie confirms that this is an older mockup. Sorry, Zune fans.