Panasonic leaks own G2 and G10 Micro Four Thirds cams in macro fashion

Whoopsadaisies. Seems Panasonic "accidentally" posted specs and images of its upcoming G2 and G10 Micro Four Thirds cameras to its web site just long enough to be snagged by a few different photog sites. While there's no denying that the incident occurred (the pics are certainly legit), there's some speculation at 43rumors that the specifications are still "work in progress" and should be considered only partially correct. Nevertheless, let's go with what we've got keeping in mind that some of this might change. Both cams are said to feature a 12.1 megapixel sensor, touchscreen with touch shutter and touch MF Assist, and ISO 100 to 6,200 sensitivity. The G2 differs with its one-touch AVCHD Lite movie mode (1,280 x 720, 60p) and 3-inch articulating display with live view. The G10 then, offers a "double live view" (LCD and live view finder) glimpse at the action while recording 1,280 x 720p motion JPEG videos at 30fps. However, the leaked spec sheet inconsistently mentions an AVCHD Lite recording format for the G10 as well... so who knows. Panasonic is expected to make an announcement on March 7th; surely you can wait you a few days?%Gallery-87453%