Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard is perfect for your HTPC, not your Wii (video)

For HTPC owners looking for the perfect couch-borne computer keyboard, this Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard looks like Natuzzi nirvana, packing QWERTY (with function keys) and a touchpad all in a package that should fall to the hand more comfortably than that Scientific Atlanta remote your cable company has saddled you with. There's even a laser pointer, making it a snap to indicate strange shapes and symbols seen on Lost episodes -- or to taunt the cats when an episode's fifteenth plot twist leaves you disinterested. We're not sure exactly what Brando means when it says the thing has "iPhone style," but despite that we're liking it, and the $92 $49 price isn't completely outrageous. YouTube video review embedded after the break for the doubters.

Update: A few bargain-hunting commenters pointed out that this is available for $48.99 over at TomTop. That's savings you can count on, folks!

Update II: Seems the product page has been yanked from TomTop, and one tipster says that the company is no longer replying to requests about his order. Buyer beware.