FirstView's $95 Android / Windows CE PC607V tips a craptablet iceberg at CeBIT

Doesn't look too bad for a $95 Android tablet, huh? Well, there's plenty more where that came from. Scattered along the main halls of CeBIT are dozens of Chinese and Taiwanese consumer electronics resellers looking to sell products to new customers, and this year they sure loaded up the suitcases with cheap Android / Windows CE tablets. For the most part all these tablets (or small smartbooks) have ARM 9 or 11 processors and 5 to 7-inch resistive touch displays. While some like the FirstView PC607V tablet (pictured above) have attractive skins on top of Windows CE, others from companies like Forsa and Huawei have gone with stock versions of Android. In truth, all of the ones we played with felt chintzy, but it was easier to lower our standards when we learned they wouldn't draw more than $150 from our wallets. We've got a hands-on video with FirstView's Android tablet after the break, but if that doesn't fill your cheap tablet needs hit the more coverage links for videos by some serious Android / ARM tablet lovers.