Pixel Qi DIY kits will be out in Q2, 'slightly more difficult than changing a lightbulb'

We're going to assume that Mary Lou's bravado-filled "It's only slightly more difficult than changing a lightbulb" is in reference to working with OLPC. In fact, in Mary Lou Jepsen's most recent Pixel Qi blog post she makes quick reference of the fact that there will be DIY kits for replacing your own laptop screen (most likely a 10-inch module) with the sunlight-friendly, switchable magic of Pixel Qi, but she spends the rest of the post talking about how in Nigeria some schoolgirls started up a laptop hospital where they'd repair their XOs by swapping out parts or reseating cables. We doubt most of our laptops will be so resilient when it comes to ripping off the bezel and swapping in the Pixel Qi part, but we're dying to void our warranty and find out.