Another one bites the dust: Cisco steps out of the WiMAX game

It's still far, far too early to call WiMAX a dead technology, but with the second major infrastructure supplier moving away from it in as many months, that's a pretty damning sign, isn't it? After Alcatel Lucent's announcement that it would be scaling back WiMAX investment last month, Cisco has now pulled the plug on its own efforts, citing a desire to stay as "radio-agnostic" as possible in the 4G race. That makes sense for a company that hasn't traditionally played in the wireless game the same way stalwarts like Ericsson and Nokia Siemens have, but the move still lies in stark contrast to Cisco's 2007 acquisition of Navini Networks that brought a host of WiMAX-focused equipment into the fold. Of course, CDMA has managed just fine in the shadow of GSM's global domination over the past decade, so these early warning signs could amount a fat load of nothing by the time we've reached a 4G steady state.