Dell Adamo XPS order page falls off, discontinued for life?

Where art thou Dell Adamo XPS? That's the question this poor error page seems to be asking when customers attempt to order the insanely thin laptop on Dell's site. Though it only went on sale back in late November, no longer has the crazily designed, $1,799 laptop up for purchase. We're currently trying to get official word from Dell, but all is not lost for those that feel they've made the biggest mistake in the world by not ordering the ULV laptop that only lasts less than two hours on a charge -- it's still available from Best Buy and Stay tuned for more news as we do a bit of digging on this one.

Update: Dell confirmed that the Adamo XPS will not be making a reapperence on its site. "While the Adamo XPS was certainly and engineering marvel, it also was a limited edition product with a finite number of systems available," said a Dell spokesperson. Adamo XPS 2 anyone?