Fujitsu's LifeBook UH900 gets reviewed, notable flaws found

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.08.10

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Fujitsu's LifeBook UH900 gets reviewed, notable flaws found
There's no question that Fujitsu's LifeBook UH900 is a niche device; much like Sony's VAIO P, there's just not a lot of demand for an expensive clamshell with an extremely high resolution and an exceptionally cramped keyboard. That said, there's a curious seduction surrounding this thing, and critics over at Pocketables seemed to agree. After spending some long days (and nights, don'tcha know?) with the Japanese version of this here device, they came away with a huge mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, the snappy performance and excellent portability made it difficult to put down, but the downright dreadful 2 - 2.5 hours of battery life more or less forced them to. There's also more gentle gripes about the screen color, the "toy-like" build quality and "useless multitouch." For us, that's probably one flaw too many to accept, but the forgiving among us should definitely check out the full skinny before making a final call.
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