HP Slate makes an appearance to show off Flash, stays for a rock concert

It shouldn't be any surprise that the HP Slate supports Flash, since it runs Windows 7, but we've seen so little of the device since Steve Ballmer first waved it around at CES that we're still totally intrigued by this video from Adobe showing it in action. Yep, there it is, playing video, running casual Flash games, and using AIR applications. We also get a quick shot of the on-screen keyboard, which looks like a mildly tweaked version of the standard Windows 7 keyboard. We can't say until we use it, but it certainly doesn't look like it'll be fun to type on. Interestingly, Flash is said to be hardware-accelerated on the Slate, which suggests something other than a bone-stock Atom setup in there -- we'd guess it's an Atom plus a Broadcom Crystal HD Accelerator, but there's a chance it's something else entirely. HP's also posted up a new marketing video, which bears a striking resemblance to last night's iPad commercial -- until the end, which frankly makes no sense. Check 'em both after the break.

[Thanks, Rick]