ThinkPad T410 has its innards exposed for the sake of a component upgrade guide

What's better than a ThinkPad? Why, a torn down ThinkPad, of course. Some enterprising souls over at have put together a memory and hard drive upgrade guide, which includes a number of illustrative shots displaying the exposed hardware. It turns out that the T410 is the first (outside of the T400s and older T4x models) T-series laptop to offer easy access to memory upgrades via the back of the machine. We're told that since the T60 came out, all RAM replacements have had to be performed by removing the keyboard to access the slots. That's still the case for one of the sticks, but at least the other one is accessible via the back, and there's also great praise heaped on Lenovo for their "perfect" slide-out hard drive tray, which apparently makes upgrading a cinch. Hit the source for more, including the SIM card and WWAN module locations.

[Thanks, TS]