Coby intros Snapp pocket camcorders, for those with small pockets

In a world full of stylish pocket camcorders, there are few reasons to recommend Coby's ho-hum Snapp series, which has only just now managed the transition from cheap plastic junk to tasteful Flip knockoff with today's introduction of the CAM3001, CAM4505 and CAM5001 Snapp HD. Recording 640 x 480 footage over MJPEG, the cheaper two models are still not much better than your average VGA webcam, and with only megabytes of internal storage, all three will require a sizeable memory card to capture any real content. But when you consider the price of these things -- Amazon shows preorder prices of $30 and $50 for the budget cams and $80 for the 720p CAM5001 HD -- you might yet find yourself combing desk drawers for that spare SDHC card.