Jen-Hsun Huang is 'looking forward' to court date with Intel, sees no reason to settle (video)

Sometimes companies spar out their differences behind closed doors, and sometimes they have guys like Jen-Hsun Huang at their helms and the whole world gets to know how they feel and what they intend to do about it. The Tegrasaurus Rex has taken a recent interview with Fortune magazine as an opportunity to eloquently lay out his side's case in the epic cross-licensing dispute between NVIDIA and Intel, and to let us all know that he sees "no reason" to settle with the Atom-making giant. Describing Intel's argumentation as "completely nonsense," NVIDIA's fearless leader tell us that he's eagerly anticipating the court clash scheduled for later this year. We can't yet confirm whether or not he finished it off with a "bring your popcorn" instruction, but all his recorded words await in video form just after the break.