Tron: Legacy blasts your old-school eyes with new trailer

Boy, Tron is old. That movie came out way back in 1982, and we're finally getting a sequel in 2010. You can see how long it's been if you count the wrinkles on Alan Bradley's (Bruce Boxleitner) face. That's Tron himself, but we've heard that he's hardly in the movie. So what gives? Well, this one is all about Flynn's (the now Oscar award-winning Jeff "The Dude" Bridges) son Sam searching for his dad, who has been missing for years.

Oh, and the Game Grid has received several substantial upgrades. Just look at that Recognizer and the light cycles in this trailer. Looks like someone firehosed a ton of pixels onto everything in the computer world. We're all for that. Tron: Legacy comes out on December 17, 2010, and yes, there will be a video game adaptation. We're just waiting to see if that's been upgraded as well.