HTC Incredible out in the wild once more, Verizon color scheme alive and well

Android Forums is alight today with fresh HTC Incredible chatter -- a phone every Android fan on Verizon is desperately waiting for -- and we've managed to glean a few more pictures and possible specs out of the mess. It looks like we can expect a half gig of RAM with about 320MB available (roughly the same as what you find on the Nexus One) and an 8 megapixel cam, but interestingly, the phone's Snapdragon core is apparently underclocked to 768MHz, almost certainly a battery-saving measure on HTC's part; fortunately, the Sense-powered Android 2.1 firmware is still said to be "blazing fast." It measures 117.5 x 58.5 x 11.9mm -- just a hair narrower, shorter, and thicker than its Nexus One doppelganger, small enough of a difference so that we think it'll be virtually indistinguishable in person. As shots go, we're seeing now that HTC has moved from the brightly-colored glossy shell to a soft-touch black one while keeping the strange contours; we think there's at least a chance that this is final ID, too, since the Verizon logo is silkscreened at the bottom. Inside, the entire thing (including the battery itself) is a shockingly loud shade of red, mirroring an odd design trend first seen on the HD mini. We definitely dig it. If the stats over on the forum hold up, the Incredible's on track for a launch in April or May, so it's still a few weeks off -- in the meanwhile, we encourage you to check out more of the new shots after the break.

[Thanks, Matt and EBBY]