Tron: Legacy tests your games knowledge with Arcade Aid

Disney's upcoming sequel, Tron: Legacy, has been in full-on viral marketing mode via the Flynn Lives site for a bit now. Usually, we don't care about those kinds of things, but when something as awesome as Arcade Aid is attached, we just have to post it up for you guys. It's a pretty simple premise: spot all of the gaming references in a huge image and name them. Easy, right?

No way, dude. It's pretty tough to nail down all 56 references -- obviously, we got 'em all, because we're bloggers and it's our job to know these things. But, we thought it would be interesting to see you guys take a stab at it. It's not because we need help on a couple and we're hoping you'll solve 'em. Nope, not at all.

So bust out the brain lube and warm up that gray matter, then hit up the link above.

[Via geeksugar]