Ballmer's visage evoked for 'developers, developers, developers' demo app on Windows Phone 7 Series

You could argue that Steve Ballmer's classic "developers, developers, developers" mantra is more important to the success of Windows Phone 7 Series than of any other product in recent Microsoft history, so it comes as no surprise that he's pulled it out of his hat one more time for MIX10 today. Demoing how easy it is to take advantage of the platform's many rapid-development features, the team showed off a gangly Silverlight version of the big guy in lieu of the real deal (apparently he had a scheduling conflict and couldn't be around for the event). Ballmer actually recorded a "developers, developers, developers!" rant just for the app, which the visage chants incessantly; you can adjust voice pitch and throw the doll around with a few flicks of the hand. Scary? Yes, yet somehow, we'd pay $0.99 for it. Follow the break for video.