Make your Magic Mouse more comfortable and ergonomic

Here's a clever solution to an aggravating problem. Apple's Magic Mouse ships with all new iMacs and features the first multi-touch surface on a mouse. As you would expect, it's got a sleek, tidy design that looks great on your desk.

But doesn't necessarily feel great in your hand. It's no hockey puck, but for some users the ergonomics aren't what they should be.

Will, an Apple fan and part owner of, decided to do something about it. After some testing, he came up with a small chunk of silicone that sits atop the Magic Mouse with the help of a suction cup. Hence, the Magic Mouse, Fixed was born. This US$10 accessory sits between your palm and the mouse, and can be positioned just so. Watch the video after the break to get an idea of what it feels like. Nice work, Will!

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Magic Mouse Fixed
from on Vimeo.