Microsoft announces three new 720p LifeCams with TrueColor technology

Looking to upgrade that built-in or non-existent webcam in your laptop or LCD monitor? Then Microsoft hopes you'll consider one of its three new LifeCams, which each not only boast a 720p resolution, but the company's new TrueColor technology that promises to provide "superior color and brightness in even the worst lighting conditions." Apart from that feat of optical wizardry, the webcams look to provide all the basic features you'd expect, including auto focus and face tracking, along with a flexible base on the HD-5000 and HD-5001 that can be adapted for use on a desk, or attached to a laptop or desktop monitor -- the HD-6000 is designed for laptop use only. Look for the HD-5000 and Best Buy-exclusive HD-5001 to roll out first later this month for just $50 apiece, while the HD-6000 will be available in April for $60. Hit up the gallery below for a closer look at each.%Gallery-88341%