Windows Phone 7 Series device from Samsung is just a hacked i8910 HD

We couldn't shake the feeling that the mysterious Samsung-branded Windows Phone 7 Series device being passed around at MIX10 this week was just a warmed-over i8910 HD, and it turns out there's a very good reason for that: Samsung says it is a warmed-over i8910 HD. Even crazier, TechRadar writes that its contact at Samsung basically pegged the stunt entirely on Microsoft, simply saying "they used the i8910 HD to demo Windows 7" and that "this demo was a one-off." The whole thing reeks of the original Zune, which began life as a Frankenstein'd Toshiba Gigabeat -- but we don't think this new trick is going to make it all the way to retail since the i8910 HD clocks in with 640 x 360 resolution (WP7S requires 800 x 480) and a processor that falls well short of the standard-issue 1GHz Snapdragon. At any rate, we're trying to get the straight dope on this from Microsoft now that Samsung's washed its hands of it and we'll update you when we've got more.