Count The Beats: Learn to read and play sheet music with Etude on your iPhone

From t

he creators of ShoveBox, Wonder Wrap Software has just launched their new iPhone / iPod touch app Etude.

Etude is a beautifully designed app that helps you learn to read and play sheet music on the piano.

While the built-in synthesizer plays through a piece of music, Etude will scroll through the sheet music being read (correlating each note heard to each note read). A virtual keyboard will also display each key being pressed at the same moment each note is being read and heard.

To make things even easier the playback speed can be altered so you can make sure you're hitting every note of Bach's Air!

Etude comes preloaded with a few 'Scores' to get you started, but you can download (from within the app) hundreds of other songs for free from the Etude score store.

Etude is certainly a novel way to develop your piano playing skills, and a fantastic application of the features of the iPhone / iPod touch for those who love music. Plus, Wonder Wrap Software is developing a version for the iPad, too. Anyone get those pre-orders in?

To celebrate the release of Etude this week Wonder Wrap Software is running a promotion where you can get yourself a free copy of their desktop app SimpleChord. All you need to do is tweet.