Shuttle's X50V2 all-in-one barebones PC gets passively cooled, passively hits online retail

When you've got an entire desktop PC inches from your eardrums, it helps if the machine is dead silent... or as close to that dream as possible. That's why we're pleased that Shuttle's new XPC X50V2 -- last spotted wearing a toga -- is now on sale with a completely fanless design for silent cooling. Since CES, the all-in-one has also gained legacy parallel and serial ports (you know, for your Zip drive) and room for up to 4GB of memory, but hasn't lost any of its dual-core Atom D510 1.66GHz goodness or its school lunchbox charm. Though we haven't heard official word about US availability, Shuttle's domestic website places the MSRP at $400, and online retailers including Newegg already show the tethered touchscreen tablet in stock.