Yes, Windows Phone 7 Series can make a phone call

Sure, we've been pushing Microsoft hard for Windows Phone 7 Series details like copy and paste (no) and multitasking (no), but we just realized that we've never actually seen a 7 Series device... make a phone call. A little running around later and we've got two demo handsets calling each other. We're told that the little white arrow on the call panel will eventually bring up options like conference calling, speakerphone, and mute, but it's not working yet -- and one of the phones seems to think it's running on Cingular, so either time travel is an unannounced feature of the OS or Microsoft still has some work to do. Video after the break.

P.S. They're just demo SIMs, but we're sure the poor PR folks babysitting the devices would appreciate it if you didn't call the numbers, okay? Be nice.