Intel's X25-V and Kingston's SSDNow V Series face off in battle for best value SSD

Got $125 and a burning desire to get in on the SSD fun? Intel and Kingston both have models priced to seduce that cash away from your pocket, and here comes AnandTech with a comparative review to help you make an informed decision. To start off with, Intel's X25-V sports 40GB of storage and is described as a smaller version of the X25-M G2, whereas Kingston's V Series boot drive offers a smaller 30GB capacity but also comes with a fuller upgrade kit. Since this is 2010 and not some prehistoric age, both drives naturally come equipped with Trim support. In benchmark results, Intel's drive took the advantage in the performance of random read/write tasks, but was second best when it came to sequential write jobs. Ultimately, that extra 10GB of storage and the fact you're more likely to capitalize on random, rather than sequential, drive access swung it in favor of the X25-V. Hit up the full review for the more nuanced impressions.