Comcast looking to compress HD even more

Oh Comcast we understand you're always looking for new ways to increase the capacity of your network, but we'd hoped you learned by now that bit starving HD wasn't one that would go un-noticed. Some providers wean off analog channels, others deploy SDV and still others move VOD to IP or start using more efficient codecs like H.264. Now all of those have their drawbacks, and we appreciate you always trying to find a better way. But testing out ways (that appear to be snake oil from Arris, BigBand Networks, Harmonic, Imagine, and others) to fit four quality HD channels in one 38Mbps QAM channel while still using MPEG2 seems about as likely as our dear old grandma winning the lottery. So while we want you to keep on keeping on the good fight to improve your infrastructure, we just hope you don't forget that not everyone who watches Comcast HD doesn't mind if it looking like a mosaic.