The Engadget Show live with Nicholas Negroponte, PlayStation Move, and Joystiq's Chris Grant

Keep your eyes tuned to this post -- because at 5:00 PM ET, we'll be starting The Engadget Show live, with Nicholas Negroponte of the MIT Media Lab and OLPC Project, Dr. Richard Marks showing off Sony's PlayStation Move, commentary from Joystiq editor Chris Grant, plus much, much, more! You seriously don't want to miss it!

The live show is over, but don't fret. We've got the full version coming soon (within a day) for download via iTunes, Zune Marketplace, and RSS feed, or you can watch the stream right here. Stay tuned, the post will be soon!

Of course, if you're in NY we'd love to have you attend the show in person at the Times Center. It's absolutely free! We'll start handing out tickets at 2:30PM, open the doors for seating at 4:30PM, and the show itself starts at 5PM. There will also be giveaways from Sony after the show, but you obviously have to be here to participate! All the info about attending can be found here.

Can't make it? We forgive you, and there's a live video stream that can be found after the break. In the spirit of awesome, we've enabled tweeting directly to the live stream! To be a part of The Engadget Show broadcast, just include the hashtag "#engadgetshow" and watch for your tweet on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. One thing to note, The Engadget Show is a family program, so any single instance of swearing or trolling will force us to turn off the ticker... and it won't come back on. So, keep it clean and have fun!