Vizit cellular photo frame arrives March 23rd, your mom can't afford one

Last we heard from Isabella Products, the company's always-on Vizit photo frame was a 10.4-inch touchscreen LCD with a built-in cell modem to receive emailed pics and MMS, a built-in price of $280 (plus subscription fees), and an "early 2010" release date. Well, early 2010 is here, and so is the Vizit -- sales commence on March 23rd. In honor of the occasion, the company has even spilled a few final details; according to Bostinnovation, Vizit's service plan will use AT&T's 3G network, share photos from both Flickr and Photobucket, and cost $6 per month or $72 for a full year. Sorry, Grandma, but at that price, you'll have to make do with WiFi.