Tata Motors' Nano lights up the streets of Mumbai

Indeed, there is a time in every product's life-cycle when it has its birth announcement, when it steps out into the world for the first time, and when it bursts into flames -- and Tata's Nano is no exception. According to Indian Autos Blog, the manufacturer is particularly well known for its combustible motorcars these days -- back in 2009, three Nanos caught fire, and now we have pictures of the latest to go into flames, courtesy of an insurance agent Satish Sawant. Apparently, the auto dealership was delivering the vehicle to its new owner when a motorcyclist overtook the driver to get his attention -- just like that old episode of CHiPs. Since the engine is behind the driver, he had no idea that it had caught fire at some point on his journey. Who would have thought that a $2,500 vehicle would be plagued with problems? Let's just hope they get 'em sorted before the Nano EV hits the streets.