Viliv S10 Blade gets reviewed, Best Buy now selling Viliv devices

The folks at UMPC Portal have already treated us to an unboxing of Viliv's new S10 Blade convertible netbook, but they're now back with a full review that gives a better picture of the device. On the whole, they seem to be fairly impressed with the device, noting its thin and sleek design, and its "silent, rugged operation." They were also pleasantly surprised by the battery life, which clocked in at an impressive 7.5hrs with WiFi on during general use. On the downside, the resistive multitouch screen wasn't quite as responsive as they would have liked, and there are a few other minor annoyances -- like the lack of a button to rotate the screen in tablet mode, no mic input or Ethernet port, and some fairly lackluster built-in speakers. In other Viliv news, it looks like none other than Best Buy has recently started carrying the company's devices (online, at least), although it doesn't yet have the S10 up for order.