Virtobot scanner performs 'virtual autopsies,' no body-slicing necessary (video)

Grossed out easily? If so, we suggest you hand this article off to someone more calloused while you read all about our recent Windows Phone 7 Series discoveries. For those of you still here, the Virtobot is one of the more ominous robots we've seen; used currently at the University of Bern's Institute of Forensic Medicine, the creature is capable of performing "virtual autopsies." In other words, corpses can be slid within the 3D scanner for investigation, all without ever cracking open the skull or slicing the cold, pearly skin. The goal here is to provide investigators with information on deaths even years after they happen, possibly after new evidence is dug up. It's hard to say what this means for you here on this Earth, but you can rest assured that 187 you were pondering might be a wee bit harder to get away with now. Video after the break, if you're dark enough to handle it.

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