D-Link DWM-351 turns the doorbell into a 3G video intercom

In lieu of a cost-effective, consumer-friendly home automation standard being available, products like the D-Link 3G Door Phone have emerged to address ad hoc automation needs. This suped-up, waterproof doorbell allows home owners to monitor the front door over a 3G cellphone or PC via the unit's integrated 0.1 megapixel camera, SIM card, speaker, and mic. Home owners can then see the visitor as a snapshot or over one-way 3G video while interacting over a two-way voice call. Unfortunately, it won't allow you to remotely unlock your door; for that you'll need something like a Schlage lock and a fussy Z-Wave network to go with it. Alternatively, devices like the Siemens Gigaset HC450 intercom has the option to control your electronic door lock from your home landline (accessible via your mobile phone) but lacks video and direct 3G data access. Hey, nobody said home automation was going to be easy.