The Engadget Show - 007: Nicholas Negroponte, PlayStation Move exclusive demos, Dr. Richard Marks, Joystiq's Chris Grant, and more!

Well kids, this was one for the record books. If you didn't catch the live stream of the show (or you weren't there in person), here's your chance to get in on the action. On one of our biggest shows ever, Josh sits down with visionary technologist (and the man behind the OLPC project and MIT's Media Lab, amongst others) Nicholas Negroponte for a chat, tries to figure out why we can't get train schedules on our phones with new correspondent Rick Karr, and Paul and Chris Grant grill Dr. Richard Marks about the PlayStation Move. Oh, and it's not just talking -- we demo the Move in-person, even checking out some never-before-seen demos Sony has whipped up. All that, and music from minusbaby and visuals from notendo. Did we mention the hundreds of giveaways? No? Okay... just watch the thing!

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Paul Miller, Nilay Patel
Special guests: Nicholas Negroponte, Richard Marks, Christopher Grant
Produced and Directed by: Chad Mumm
Executive Producer: Joshua Fruhlinger
Edited by: Glenn Gapultos
Music by: minusbaby
Visuals by: notendo
Opening titles by: Julien Nantiec

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