Not getting an iPad? Don't forget the 'netbook option'

With all of the netbook hoopla, it's worth remembering that Apple really hasn't filled the need for a full-featured, really small laptop. With Steve Jobs saying that they simply can't build a cheap netbook without sacrificing quality, Mac lovers who still want one are left, quite literally, to their own devices. is here to help -- it has all of the latest news about getting OS X to run on a netbook in one place. It also has a valuable chart that shows you which netbooks work best with OS X, and links to the software that you will need to use in order to get a netbook up and running with our favorite operating system, and valuable, step-by-step directions for turning a netbook into your OS X dream machine.

The compatibility chart assumes that you want to install Snow Leopard, and shows you which features will and won't work on a particular piece of hardware. As of today, it looks like there are 10 different netbooks that are completely happy with an OS X install. I'll probably hold out for generation 2 of the iPad, even though I am very tempted to buy one now. On the other hand, getting something smaller than my MacBook Pro that does everything that I need it to do, and for a lower or similar cost, sounds pretty sweet too.

How many of you have already gone with an OS X netbook, or are planning to go that direction rather than getting the iPad?

[Thanks Ed!]