Bang & Olufsen announces 46-inch BeoVision 10

Suddenly Bang & Olufsen's 40-inch HDTV seems like a consolation prize. While the BeoVision 10-40 is making its good will tour of the states, the kids in Copenhagen will be checking out the new standard in the company's lavish displays, the BeoVision 10-46. Aside from the 6-inch real estate boost, this thing sports "a new and exciting LED-based, 240Hz LCD panel" and unnamed "sophisticated motion compensation technologies" that apparently sport "a yet unseen level of smoothness." Can you handle all this sophistication? We didn't think so. To be unveiled on April 14 in Denmark, goes on sale this summer. No word yet on a price, but we're guessing you can't afford it anyways.

Update: Special thanks to Jesper for sending the price our way: 54,990 DKK (or about $9,940). We were right -- you can't afford it.