Symantec names Shaoxing, China as world's malware capital

It's not the sort of title any city's looking for, but Symantec has now given Shaoxing, China the dubious honor of being the world's malware capital, saying that it accounts for more targeted attacks than any other city. In fact, the company found that while close to 30 percent of all malicious attacks came from China (making it the number one country), 21.3 percent came just from Shaoxing. It was followed by Taipei at 16.5 percent, and London at 14.8 percent. Following China in the country rankings is Romania with 21.1 percent of attempted attacks (most of those are said to be commercial fraud), and the United States at 13.8 percent. That's actually just part of a larger report by Symantec's MessageLabs division, which details everything from the most common types of email attachments (.XLS and .DOC are neck and neck for the lead) to the percentage of emails that contain a virus of phishing attack (one in 358.3 and one in 513.7, respectively). Dive into the PDF linked below for the complete details.