First cut of MeeGo available today for N900 and Atom devices

While making it crystal clear that this is only intended for developers that want a mega-early look at the platform, Intel and Nokia's MeeGo team has just announced that the very first cut of the melded Moblin / Maemo mobile platform is available for download. Specifically, users of N900s, Atom notebooks, and Atom-powered Moorestown MIDs have all been gifted with their own distributions, which will boot off a USB stick or directly on the devices themselves. Sadly, the MeeGo user experience -- the good stuff, that is -- isn't included here, so if you flash your N900 you're going to end up booting into a terminal console, but hey, some of you sickos are into that sort of thing, aren't you? Next up for the team is a release billed 1.0 that will come in May, and we're told details on the road to that version will be unveiled over the coming days. Take care of yourselves if you go for it, alright?

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