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NYT: Hulu planning iPad app, might be subscription based

We've been hearing whispers about a Hulu app for the iPad since the day Apple's tablet was announced, and things are starting to pick up steam: the New York Times says four different people familiar with Hulu's plans have said the app is coming, and that it will potentially require a subscription fee. That either makes a lot of sense (if you're a TV network exec looking to keep the Aston padding on your paycheck) or absolutely none at all (if you're everyone else), but it certainly seems like it's happening -- especially since Hulu CEO Jason Kilar told the Times that he's "open to subscriptions as a complement to the ad-supported model." That's as close to a confirmation as we've ever heard, but we've got a feeling Apple's putting the full-court press on Hulu and other networks like CBS -- we'd expect to see this go from rumor to reality relatively soon.